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FOSS Volunteers

We are all volunteers, and are always happy to have more help. Whether you can help regularly or just occasionally, it is always welcome and very much appreciated. 

If you are interested in helping us in any way please go to the contact page for details.

Here are some of the ways you can help us... 

Dog Walking
Why not volunteer to walk the dogs until they find a new home? There are lots of lovely footpaths around the kennels and the dogs love the exercise and change of scenery. Volunteers have training from experienced handlers before they can take the dogs out, and dogs must be kept on the lead at all times. Sometimes dogs are not able to go out for walks but appreciate cuddles and company in their kennels instead.

Giving a stray dog a loving home is the best thing you can do for them. Unclaimed stray dogs are always looking for new homes. Click here for some rescues who help rehome our strays. If you are interested in a dog from any of the rescues we work with, you will be assessed for suitability in line with the rescue's rehoming policy.

Blankets and towels are always appreciated as dog bedding at the kennels. We are also grateful for donations of food and treats. Funds can also be donated either at the kennels or through PayPal: contact us for details. 

Do you have any fundraising ideas? Can you help us with any events? Do you have any unwanted gifts that can be used to raise funds? Some of our members help by making crafts or cakes to sell at fundraising events - new ideas and new crafters are warmly welcomed!

Raising Awareness
Join Friends of South Gloucestershire Strays as a volunteer - even if you are not in a position to take on a canine family member you can still help unwanted dogs through the group. If you know anyone who is considering getting a dog tell them about all the unwanted pets needing good homes and put them in touch with a rescue organisation.

Although we do not often foster out stray dogs directly, many organisations are extremely grateful for foster carers who may not wish to have the long-term commitment of a dog of their own, but can help by taking one on a temporary basis. Every dog out of a rescue kennel is potentially a space for one of our stray dogs. 

Some of our stray dogs are offered places with rescue organisations further afield and need transport to get them there. If you are planning a trip and have space in your vehicle there are many rescue transport coordinators who would value your help. 

Home Checking
All potential new homes are carefully vetted before and after adoption to ensure that our dogs and their new owners are happy. Advising on correct care and simple training issues forms part of the home checker’s job too. 

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